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We do not allow bestiality, zoophilia or any kind of abuse towards a human or animal and we especially do not allow pedophiliac content.
Posting pedophiliac content will result in a permanent suspension, we give no warnings and we will report and disclose your connection details and any other identifying information to the autorithies. Read our rules before posting. We encourage you to report questionable content. You can flag content by using the report content button.

Qtheaven or cutie (/ˈkjuːti/) heaven is a community aimed at cute young (18+) looking girls.
We do want to stress that we DO NOT allow nude- underage content. We encourage you to report this type of content immediately.

What are cute girls in our opinion?
Beautiful, young (18+), slim body type, pregnant is okay, not too slutty, not too overly plastered with make- up, no gore, no hairy, small to average sized breasts (unless the girl is really cute).

What content is not allowed?
Content that violates any law, images or videos that contain logo's or content that is blurry, low resulution, images that are altered with photoshop (e.g. blurred out faces or spaces), duplicate images and especially nude and underage content.

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